Biographical notes

Mendonca Dias CatherineCatherine MENDONÇA DIAS

Senior lecturer in linguistics & French as an Additional, a Second or Foreign Language Didactics

University of Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3
UFR Literature, Linguistics, Didactics. Department of French as a Foreign Language Didactics (DFLE)

Member of DILTEC EA 2288.

Professional :–353131.kjsp?RH=1310460081877 

Catherine Mendonça Dias is a lecturer and researcher in linguistics and French as a Second Language at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 and research laboratory DILTEC.
Before, she was a French teacher for migrant young pupils and also taught migrant teenagers who never (or barely) attended school previously and were illiterate in their native tongue. At the same time, she was a trainer for teachers in primary and secondary Education, about migrant pupils’ scholarship and French as a Second and scholar Language didactics.
She has a PhD in Linguistics concerning linguistic progress of newcomers at school: her research focuses on determining the influence of French as an additional language courses on the linguistic progress of pupils recently arrived to France. At Paris 3, she teaches didactics of French. She’s also collaborating with sociologists and mathematicians about new arrivals’ scholarship. She was in charge of the national project EVASCOL’s second axis, granted by the Défenseur Des Droits and she’s studying proficiencies in French. Her website is here:


Keywords : French as an additional language – linguistic progress – special classes for migrant students – curriculum – program – heterogeneity – multilinguism and intercultural – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – newcomers who never attended to school previously – illiteracy

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